Always thinking too much, waiting for the right inspiration and time goes by, whilst all those words lie in my diary waiting to float to the surface. Since our last travel in South America _ we moved to Australia (for those who know us well, you might remember that it was our aim and we made it!) _ I sometimes realise that we are yet to properly show you what we did other than filming/documenting.Besides, I still mean to recollect all the beautiful experiences we had in Italy, since a couple of years back_haha!_and I know that the moment will be soon ripe for it. Nevertheless, the narrative will not be chronologically ordered as this would only bring procrastination to the blogging. Now is now and I feel like living it fully while it still exists. That is why here is the story of how we spent this first period of adaptation to this new Australian life.
If there is one thing that we don’t do enough is consciously saying ‘thank you’ to those who care for us. Right after the winter solstice, it feels good to give room to this thankful sentiment.