San Francisco

How are you our dears? Here we are entering Paraguayan Autumn and since our arrival we have already been caught by low temperatures and many nights of shower rain! Though during the day the environment restores and allows us the warmth to carry on our research… the yuyos natural medicines revolves around almost any action of the day and we take notes, record and learn… however, to know more about it you’ll have to wait quite some time!
Nevertheless, today we would like to share an important message with you: in order for natural remedies to work properly our body must be sustained by good eating habits; bad eating is the basic cause of many diseases. As we told you in many occasions, our friends’ family supports and practices natural agriculture for a healthy and essential nutrition. The tuber you saw in the previous video is manioc. Every day Oscar collects at least one bagful, as it is an essential element for peasant energy… and a symbol of Paraguayan cuisine.